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It’s not breaking news that the proverbial wool has been pulled over our eyes for decades. Doing something about it is long overdue, but few people have realised how easy it can be.

What might be your answer to these questions? 

  • why should you never sign ANY official paperwork without understanding its implications? 
  • what should you do/say when a police officer pulls you over and asks you to step out of your vehicle?  
  • can you write a ‘Notice’ when you actually need it, including the proper tense to use? 
  • what is the highest court in the land where there are no lawyers, motions, legal codes, acts, or statutes? 
  • are you a man, a woman, or a citizen? How does this affect your tax liabilities? 

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you need to put that right so any fear of authority is overcome and personal controversies can be peacefully resolved.

If you want to discover how SIMPLE IT IS to stop the rot from now on, there’s an effective option so you never have to live in fear of authority or under the boot any more.

You’ll also learn how to ensure that no one undermines the choices you make for your life and property.

Or you could choose to remain as you are but with what lies ahead, this option is not worth considering.

Reaching A Deeper Understanding

What you’ll discover is so powerful, it will ignite a spark within your spirit, offering you fresh perspectives on your life. This newfound knowledge will bring about deep understanding; once you realise your true identity in this world, that understanding becomes your reality. 

You’ll find that seemingly impossible situations become possible, and doors you never knew existed will open for you.

This is knowledge you were never meant to uncover, yet it has always been right before your eyes – ‘hidden in plain sight’, as the saying goes.

Treat this learning with the importance it deserves and it will transform your life. And let’s be honest – what could be more important right now than learning and embodying the truth, gaining your freedom, and holding those who trespass against you accountable?

Calling this information eye-opening and inspirational is an understatement. There is truly nothing like it anywhere else.

Imagine living free in the world, by your own laws, without ever needing to fight, lie, or hide from anyone again. No more bogeymen, no more monsters under the bed. 

This is your road out of Babylon.

Growing Older, Not Wiser

I‘ve seen many friends over the years chasing after what they call security. They’re little different from greyhounds chasing the rabbit they’ll never catch.

When they were young, everything was astonishing. Everything was new. Their brain was awake and tuned in. They were learning how things worked. The muscle of their brain was activated. As they got older, and their brain figured out the patterns of the way the world works – how to make money – how to pass exams – how to go to get a job – how to own a car – how to get a mortgage – how to have a wife/husband and kids. All these things and more.

They believed themselves to be moving forward but they were only treading water. They didn’t realise their dreams were on hold, while their spirits were slowly being drained. 

Once a person’s brain establishes a routine it stops. The alertness goes away. The fascination with the way the world works ends and they become immersed in ‘the system’.

It shocked me to see the impact of decades on this mindset. The vibrant life my friends once had seemed to evaporate. The excitement for adventure and happiness was replaced by the repetition of everyday life; they found comfort in possession and distractions.

As their lives draw to a close, I can’t help but wonder what they might have accomplished and who they could have been if they hadn’t bought into the false illusion of security.

The truth is, there is no real security – only life itself. 

What Would You Do If Your Cage Door Opened?

Your soul craves freedom. Keeping it confined to a cage suffocates it. Once you’re out of the cage you can see far beyond your original vision; you’ll never turn around and think “I want to go back”.

Discover the beauty, pleasure, and adventures that lie beyond. We all face hardships, unexpected events, and ultimately, death, no matter our path. It’s much better to face any challenge when we’re better prepared for it. 

If you’re ready to break free from chasing the illusion of security and protect yourself and your family, it’s time to explore this opportunity.

Learn how to lawfully reposition yourself. This is a game-changer, and bringing calm to chaos is not something you can afford to miss.

Embrace the new ways and open the doors to a vastly different future. Fear is a thing of the old world, and the old ways are fast being exposed.

– – – – –

Lysander Spooner on government: “It is self-evident that no number of men by conspiring and calling themselves a government can acquire any rights over another man or another man’s property which they had not before as individuals.  And when any number of men calling themselves a government do anything to another man or to his property which they had no right to do as individuals, they thereby declare themselves as trespassers, robbers or murderers according to the nature of their acts”.

– – – – –

• “I had a huge fear of dealing with the system and dealing with the state all my life, I was terrified of those brown envelopes coming through the door… now I’m not.”  Bernadette, N. Ireland

• “After 30 years of searching I finally know how to stand in my own power. It’s a bargain”. John

• “All of my entanglements [with the system] are gone but that’s just a small thing… for me something more has happened, I’m not who I thought I was any more, I don’t know who I am… there’s no fear, there’s a calm that wasn’t there before and there’s growing trust and faith”  Susan, Hawaii

Once you’ve engaged, the tranquility you deserve will return to your life.

Graeme Dinnen


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PS At the end of a court case in England, a helpful Judge explained to my friend (the defendant) that all statutes, acts and codes are created for corporations. They are not written for men and women over which the government has no control, unless the men/women first give their consent….and the courts achieve this through several devious means.

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