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I receive a newsletter from Claudia Dawson, Kevin Kelly, and Mark Frauenfelder at Recomendo.  

Each week they offer six brief personal recommendations ranging from what’s cool, where to get your bamboo bedsheets, kitchen stuff, dramatic houseplants, the best backscratcher to use and – most important – finding what you didn’t know you were looking for.

Delightfully off the beaten track.

Promoting Unknown Websites

Two of the ‘useful unknown websites’ they recommended I’ll pass on to you in the event they are of as much use as they were to me, especially as we live in an earthquake zone with, in the last week, a total of 7 earthquakes over magnitude of 5.0

  • RSOE-EDIS is a live world map of emergencies. Icons represent fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, plane crashes, biological endemics, public safety incidents, animal attacks, and more. Unfortunately there is no icon for corrupt governments but we can always hope!
  • myNoise has links to a wide variety of tunable white noise generators, ambient sounds, tinnitus reducers and other interesting audio effects. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to the Gregorian Chants.

Phylipa Dinnen

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