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Vidnami: From Beginner to Pro

By November 26, 2020No Comments

From time to time I’m asked what software I use for creating my videos.

The answer is Vidnami.

In the video below I used an automated voice to read what I’d typed. Usually I speak myself but I thought on this occasion I’d use an English speaking lass to do the voicework.

There were many other voices and accents to choose from.

All I did was write the short script, choose the images (most of them were chosen for me automatically by Vidnami), download and send.

The software is so much easier than it was some years ago and continues to improve with good training and support.

It’s been incredibly useful for making videos and I’ll continue with it for the foreseeable future.

Vidnami’s Black Friday offer comes with many useful (and free) downloads that’ll get even the most inexperienced of beginners off the ground.

It can get very professional too!

There’s not long left on this offer so take a look for yourself right away: (1:20)

Graeme Dinnen

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