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During 2020 an estimated US$4.1 trillion ($12,530 per person) was spent on health care in the USA.  This figure is estimated to rise to over US$6 trillion by 2028. 

In the same year prescription drug spending increased to $348.4 billion.

The global pharmaceutical industry is now worth $1.42 trillion.

Yet people are sicker than ever – cancer, heart disease. Alzheimer’s Disease , autoimmunities with a variety of chronic illnesses dramatically on the increase.

Let’s not forget the many expensive prescription medications that carry a wide range of uncomfortable and even worrying side effects. 

What bothers me most is that so many of our health worries and expenses are wholly unnecessary.

There’s an epidemic of dis-ease on every level that simply doesn’t need to be.

People take themselves and their children to the doctor for the most trivial reasons because they don’t have any grounding in health.

Once there, they want pills and they get pills, only to revisit the doctor when the side effects of the pills kick in. 

And they do.

This doesn’t help the doctor do his/her job efficiently either.

“I’ve had doctors come to me and say, “I treat 50 patients a day.” No, you don’t, that is impossible. You may see 50 patients a day, but you don’t treat 50 patients a day.” – Dr. Henry Ealy 

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs wrote: The medical model is impotent.  It can do nothing at the level of the cell because the cell is not stupid.  The cell will not take the medicine. In order for medicine to get into the cells, the cells defences have to be overwhelmed. Doctors aren’t paid to educate or heal people – they’re paid to write prescriptions. Teaching professors are subsidised by the drug companies not to teach students to try patients on vitamin C or better nutrition. Instead they engineer the curriculum through grants and donations.”

By all means rely on band-aid solutions to your health issues as long as you realise you’re wasting time and money on them and you’re not really getting better. If anything, you’re only worsening the problem by prolonging it!

That’s why getting to the root cause of your health problems is crucial for long-term well-being.

The Pharmaceutical business is huge.  Last year the Top 10 Pharma companies generated half a trillion dollars in revenue.

Any opposition or threat to their profits is vilified and quickly shut down because they love being the giant Pez dispenser they’ve become.

As a result chronic illness has reached epidemic levels in the western world which is just what Big Pharma wants as they have a range of pills for it. Some describe it as “Selling sickness”.

So much so that today, allopathic whitecoats have little idea of anything other than “Rockefeller Medicine”.

Many of us have come to depend on a healthcare system that preys on confusion rather than promoting wellness.

To have any chance of becoming the masters of our own lives, we must first become the masters of our own health.

Medicine is a modern marvel. The creation and discovery of numerous drugs, therapies, and surgical interventions has undoubtedly saved the lives of millions of Americans. Where would we be without penicillin or apendectomies? Even our ability to sterilize wounds and prevent infection has drastically increased the average lifespan.But not all treatments are created equal. For every breakthrough, lifesaving discovery, dozens more turn out to be harmful, ineffective, or even deadly. Perhaps more important than the discoveries themselves is the way in which they were discovered or the experiments conducted to evaluate their effects.” Dr. Mark Sircus

So if you don’t want to be a rat in their lab any longer, read on…..

Until the year 2000 Phylipa and I ran New Rock Healing Centre in Dymock, Gloucestershire.

On the 10 acre property there was the main house, an office, a stable block, a large warehouse and an old barn.  The original buildings dated back to 1640 – Oliver Cromwell’s time and the English Civil War.

One day a couple came to see us bringing their two year old daughter. Since birth, the daughter had been a fussy eater and rarely slept through the night.

Both parents were exhausted and the mother, pregnant again, wasn’t looking forward to the arrival of their second child.

“We don’t think we can go through all this again” the mother said.

Asking relevant questions about the daughter’s health, it turned out they had been to see the local doctor several times.  

All they got was prescription after prescription that didn’t improve the daughter’s condition which leads me to consider that abuse is done by prescription today.

At the last appointment the doctor suggested the couple make an appointment to see “…those people down the road that run some sort of a natural health centre”.

That was us….and the couple came with their daughter!

Phylipa carried out her tests, primarily kinesiology, and quickly determined that the problem was being caused by the daughter’s weak (damp) spleen.

We opened a bottle of the herbs we sourced from Damascus and gave the mother 10 capsules, asking her to empty the contents from the capsule and mix them with honey, yoghurt, orange juice or whatever her daughter would swallow…..and come back in 10 days time.

When they returned the father asked me what was in ‘that medicine’ we’d given them.  As I was explaining the ingredients, he added “It didn’t work for the first few days but after that she started sleeping through the night and ate anything we put in front of her.”

They were so grateful.

I write this not to get one over on the medical profession.  After all doctors only get 12 minutes per patient and we had much longer to speak with people who visited us.

Maybe that’s the reason a US study showed that GP doctors can be wrong with their first diagnosis 88% of the time.

“As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals…” – Dr Alan Greenberg

Now all professions make mistakes but mistakes in the field of medicine can be extremely serious.

By way of example country singer Kris Kristofferson struggled with debilitating memory problems.  Diagnosed with, and treated for Alzheimer’s Disease it transpired that he had been suffering from Lyme’s Disease all that time.  

His wife said to journalists:

“He was taking all these medications for things he doesn’t have,  and they all have side effects.” 

Over the last few decades there’s been a change in who’s pulling the medical strings. Call it medical cronyism but what we’re seeing is killing modern healthcare.

I’m bewildered that the human race made it past the Victorian Age. During that era, everything had arsenic in it – wallpaper, clothing, even makeup.

In the ‘good old days’ doctors did their utmost to fix your problem. Today they manage your condition rather than remedy it….or as Ben Fuchs wrote above “….they’re paid to write prescriptions”.

After all, healthy people generate no revenue.

It’s often attributed to Voltaire (but no-one’s really sure):

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”

To me, modern prescription medicine is as useful as running a bath with the plug out but if I was in a physical accident the doctor would be my new best friend.

Yet making appointments for the slightest cough, cold or fever isn’t doing you (or your doctor) any favours, especially as prescription medicines merely numb your body to the existence of the problem, at the same time adversely impacting your organ function.  

You have an aquarium with 100 trillion fish.  If those fish get sick and you keep adding medicine they’re going to stay sick. Only when you change the water in that aquarium will the fish get well.

They may get better but will they ever get well?

One lady wrote: My mother was a life long nurse of over 60 years, was a front line nurse with General Patton across Northern Africa, she always told us, “stay away from hospitals and doctors unless it was an emergency”, she would say “if there isn’t anything wrong with you, there will be because they’ll find something.”

It doesn’t take a cartoon light bulb over your head for you to realise that in terms of health, these days you have to become your own Messiah.

We haven’t the know-how to grow a new brain yet but the next best thing is some form of brain refurbishment; the best way to do that today is to tune into it with electronic devices that speak your “brain language”.

Last month I wrote about something that’s too important to keep hidden: The Avazzia Pro Sport III, describing it as a ‘hospital in your hand’.  

Several people wanting to live a life without medical barriers responded with questions as to the Avazzia’s capacity to address particular symptoms.

Thankfully the answer in all cases was ‘yes’.

This month I’m shining the spotlight on the VIELIGHT. This is also in the ‘Black Belt’ league of healing devices so pay attention; this has value for everyone in the possession of a heartbeat.

Unpretzel Your Brain 

We exercise and renew our physical bodies but can we do the same with our brain?

The simple answer is ‘of course’. Developed by Dr Lew Lim the capability of the VieLight is now being seriously considered by mainstream medicine.

Dr. Lew Lim is an engineer with diplomas in Medical Neuroscience and Business. He obtained his degrees and diplomas from the University of California at Berkeley, University of Sheffield, Duke University and Quantum University.

His device is the Vielight, designed to improve your brain’s performance by using an electronic device that speaks our ‘brain language’.

Portable and Life Changing

If you’re at all concerned by the term “electronic device” understand that we humans are electric beings; without our own electric circuit, we’d be lifeless. The difference between a life person and a dead one is essentially electricity.

In recent years there’s been a surge of electronic health gizmos that give us pleasant body sensations such as a relaxing feeling. By comparison to the VieLight, these are trivial.

VieLight’s “Magic” Formula

The VieLight is a heavy-duty solution that’s been proven over and over to pull a patient out of dementia states and to help Parkinson’s sufferers with that terrible shaking (reduced or gone altogether). 

This includes recovery from traumatic brain injury, conquering PTDS, encouraging meditative transcendent states and controlling fears while fighting all manner of major diseases.

The majority of PBM studies have been done using constant light (no pulsation). However, more recently, studies have been conducted to scrutinize the effects of PBM using pulsed light. The effects of this type of PBM are of particular relevance to brain stimulation and modulation.

Thus, research into brain-focused PBM, or transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM), as a non-invasive brain stimulation modality is gaining interest.

There is no need for anyone to experience the mental castration of cognitive decline as they age.

When 240 tests were carried out on pharmaceutical drugs to cure Alzheimer’s Disease, only one was approved. It doesn’t work but doctors still prescribe it as they know of nothing else.

Alzheimer’s drugs have the highest failure rate in medical history.

Compared to most other animals we humans are reasonably long-lived. Yet we’re genetically capable of living for much longer than we do. Our average lifespan is increasing but our healthy life expectancy (our healthspan) is reducing!

National Geographic conducted a survey that evidenced 69 people out of every 100,000 lived past the age of 100. In the United States that number is only 3 per 100,000. Do you need any further confirmation that the pharmaceutical industry is not your friend?

The word “pharmaceutical” comes from the Greek word “pharmakeia” which means “sorcery” or “witchcraft”.

Our brain cells help themselves to regenerate when we receive red infrared light.

This infrared light is ordinary light from light-emitting diodes and gives us a whole new breakthrough healing and medical treatment paradigm we call ‘photobiomodulation’. 

Photobiolmodulation simply means light as it affects life, and modulating it means we use it to change biological functions.

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby writes:

“A Hungarian doctor working in Budapest, his name is Endre Nester, was trying to induce skin cancer in rats, and he was shaving the skin and then shining red light and laser light to see if he could actually create enough damage to cause cancerous tissue.

So, fast forward a few months or a few years, and it became established that red light, or light that’s close to that, what we call the near infrared spectrum, is actually very healing and very stimulating biologically.

This light can be used for all kinds of positive health treatments, not least of which is brain conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injury and more.”

This is real energy medicine to improve brain performance.

The VieLight uses energetic transfers, in this case, light. And light is found to be more remarkable that we thought.

Well, actually, he used controls and then proper red light and then noticed something amazing. Those that got the red light, their hair grew back twice as fast.

There are several VieLight models available.  I bought the VieLight Neuro Gamma but click on the link below to decide which one would most benefit you.  

IMPORTANT: Whatever model you choose use the Vielight coupon code RFLBIO to receive a 10% discount.

Each model comes with a full explanation.

Here’s a short video on the VieLight Neuro

The Neuro Duo model conveniently combines the Neuro Alpha (10Hz) and Neuro Gamma (40Hz) in one economic and convenient combo package. 

Real answers for your brain performance

Or call the online store at 1-877-355-8012 to place your order with the same RFLBIO coupon code. You’re more than welcome to send me an email if you have any questions.

Graeme Dinnen

• For Sportsmen and women: Groundbreaking U of Utah TBI Study with Vielight Neuro | The Effect of Intranasal Plus Transcranial Photobiomodulation on TBI

• A recent article from What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You states:

“An antidepressant is routinely handed out to dementia sufferers—but not only is the drug useless, it also increases the risk of an early death.

The drug, mirtazapine, is supposed to reduce agitation, but researchers at the University of Plymouth have discovered it is no better than a sugar pill, or placebo.  Worse, it also increases the chances of the patient dying prematurely.

The drug was thought to be a safer option than antipsychotics—often described as the ‘chemical cosh’—which can be lethal.

The researchers tested mirtazapine or a placebo on a group of 204 Alzheimer’s patients, but after 12 weeks of treatment, the drug hadn’t controlled agitation any better than the placebo, although there were more deaths in the drug group.”

Videos: Background information and valuable animation (one video leads into the next one automatically)

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