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Have You Ever Needed To Know What Someone Is Really Saying?.

Then you seriously need to listen and learn moire about Reverse Speech: Voices From The Unconscious

Because what you’re saying forwards is nothing compared to what you’re really saying when it’s played back in reverse.

I’m not referring to politicians when they say “Let me be clear….” – you know you’re about to be fed some misinformation.

I received an email from David Oates that got me excited, and might interest you.

On a few occasions I’ve written about Reverse Speech: Voices From The Unconscious. 

To me it’s one of those valuable discoveries that peels back those onion layers to reveal what people really mean when they speak.

While it’s not difficult to find examples of politicians lying through their teeth, I’m drawn to Reverse Speech because of its extraordinary application in revealing the unconscious programmes, personality quirks and behavioural patterns that hinder people’s personal growth.

I’m particularly looking forward to hearing the Reverse Speech breakdown about COVID and the vaccine (see below).

– – – – –

David’s email…..

Hi Graeme,

It’s been more than a year since I last emailed you all and for that I apologise. Life and Reverse Speech has taken its own direction lately. However, both my family and I are doing well as we hope all you are doing well. I am not so sure, though, about the state of our planet. Life has changed for all of us since the onset of COVID. For myself, personally, I can no longer fly. Australia has closed its borders and that means my regular trips overseas for lectures and workshops has now ceased. So, my business has now moved totally on-line for all classes, client work and lectures.

To kick this virtual world off, I am holding a public lecture on-line in a Zoom chat room at 10:00 AM Adelaide time on Sunday the 9th of May 2021. For those in America, that’s 5:30 PM Pacific Time on Saturday the 8th of May, or for those in England, 1:30 am Sunday the 9th. This will be a 2 hour lecture. The first hour will be a general introduction to Reverse Speech, and the second hour will be all about COVID, the vaccine, and what Reverse Speech tells us about what it is really all about. You don’t want to miss it! You will be shocked and angry.

(I am assured there will be a recording of the event so if you live in the UK and want to listen but not at 1:30am live, register anyway and you can listen later – GD)

The lecture is free but the number of attendees is limited to 100, and I guarantee this will fill fast. 

To register for this lecture please email Jeff at

Next, I want to talk about training. We have changed our training program. The Analyst course is still held over 6 months with one class every 2 weeks. However the Practitioner course, which is the advanced course, has been extended to 12 months. Experience has shown us that we need that long to get someone trained up to the professional standard.

Also changed is the course fees. With rising costs, and 2 full time staff plus myself needed to run the courses, we really have no choice but to increase our fees. The Analyst course will now cost $4995 USD, and the Practitioner course is $8500 USD. As always, payment plans are accepted. People sometimes ask me why US dollars when you are based in Australia. The answer is simple, nearly all of our costs including student tech support is in US dollars.

This being said, I am pleased to announce two new classes starting. The Analyst course will begin as soon as I have 6 students signed up. I currently have 3. Numbers will be capped at 10 students for this course so if you are interested contact me as soon as you can by emailing – or reply to this email.

Also starting is a new Practitioner class. We currently have 3 students for this course and numbers will be capped at 6 students. It takes a lot of work to train a Practitioner and we anticipate this class will start the end of May this year. You must have all your Analyst assignments turned in to join this class for current and past students.

Now, for the real exciting news! I have introduced a brand new course called the Mentoring program. Each year I will take 4 serious students to study under me full time for one whole year.

This means sitting in on all client work, tape analysis, classes, lectures, radio shows, homework marking – everything! The purpose of this course is to train you to do exactly what I am doing and to carry on the mission of Reverse Speech.

The cost of this course is $15,000 USD. It might sound like a lot but it is a year of my time and well worth it. I announced the program just this week and within 2 days it was full! I am taking applications now for the 2022 Mentoring course which I anticipate will start in June next year. To register for the 2022 course I will need a $US5000 deposit and the balance due before the course commences. Expect to be worked hard because you will be!

Finally, all 7 of my books are coming out in print. I signed a publishing contract late last year and the publisher informed me last week that the books are almost ready. I will let you know when they are released. Also in the works is my latest book which will be the complete handbook of Reverse Speech from A to Z. Everything I know and have learned about Reverse Speech will be in this book.

And so, my friends, that is the latest news here at Reverse Speech. Please keep in touch and email me just to say hi if you wish.

Stay safe

David Oates
Founder of Reverse Speech

Reverse Speech

– – – – –


“With this unique investigative tool, David is able to engage the therapeutic patient very intensely. This can produce rapid change quickly, even in ‘chronic’ situations”. John Seuss, Founder Myndslink

“This may turn out to be a discovery that could turn our knowledge of languages and how the mind works with language, into a worked-shaker”. Journal of NLP, Australia

– – – – –

Warning:  This is not for the faint-hearted 

David’s most recent book It’s Only A Metaphor will challenge just about EVERYTHING you believe to be true, casting doubt over the word of the authorities you trusted and create a burning desire to discover more about yourself as well as about others in your life. 

– – – – –

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