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In June 2023 I wrote about as being a vital and independent encyclopaedia on supplementation and nutrition.

Since then has gone from strength to strength.

If you’re curious about the best exercises for turning your blood pressure from a raging river into a calm stream, or if you’re on a quest to discover treatments that can outsmart hypertension, is the Sherlock Holmes of the supplement world: unbiased and uninfluenced.

The team at are not tied to any producer, nor do they have any products to sell or promote. 

How refreshing!

They offer research guides on a wide range of conditions and summarise 150+ studies each month: who was studied – what was studied – why it was studied – how it was studied – what the findings were and reviewers observations.

Supplement Guides
What works and what doesn’t. Read the step-by-step guides with all the practical information you need (dosage, safety, synergies, and more).

Examine Database
What does the body of evidence say? Access the grades on hundreds of supplements and other health interventions for thousands of health outcomes, based on evidence from randomised trials.

Research Feed
Access summarised the most important new studies on the health topics you select.

The USA and Asia lead the world in supplement usage. A whopping 54% of North Americans and 43% of Asians are on the supplement train.

And much of it is a waste – of money, time, and effort. And health, too, since when a chosen supplement didn’t work, another that could have helped was overlooked.

The team at created their Supplement Guides to cut through all the smoke and mirrors. No more falling for marketing wizardry can (and does) transform many dud products into bottled magic! No wonder the average Briton is splashing out £104 per month on supplements!

You’ll find out what works, what might work, and what’s just a bunch of hooey that might even be harmful…..despite the flashy ads and internet drumrolls.

Open yourself to genuine health research, dodge the supplement myths and save your hard-earned cash without getting bamboozled.

Visit – your health and your wallet will thank you.

Graeme Dinnen

Original Article July 2023:

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