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In 1897 Sir Ronald Ross discovered that when taking a blood drink, mosquitoes secrete parasites into the victim’s bloodstream.  

Because mosquitoes are tiny, any connection between mosquitoes and malaria was summarily dismissed as laughable.

Until then the cause of malaria was deemed to be bad air, hence “mal aria”

Today we have a similar equivalent with the harmful effects of radiation that cannot be seen at all.

But they can be felt. 

Radiation influences the important metabolic processes in the human body, disrupting the chemical structures of tissues and messing with the central nervous system. 

It also acts as a source of stress in living creatures, both human and animals.

What's The Most Dangerous Room In Your Home?
What’s The Most Dangerous Room In Your Home?

The behaviour of honeybees for example is affected by electro-smog since these insects have magnetite in their bodies which helps them in navigation,  Any disruption will prevent them from finding their way back to their hive.

Our homes are plagued by a growing and relentless exposure to electric and magnetic fields. If these are not minimised, the cost could be regrettable.

Electric fields are caused by voltage (the presence of electricity); magnetic fields are caused by current (the flow of electricity).

So What’s The Most Dangerous Room In Your Home?

Your bedroom is where you spend 8 hours a day. It’s your go-to room to rest and recover when you’re feeling unwell or tired. It’s where your body reclaims its health and vitality.

But your bedroom can be a significant source of radiation causing your health to deteriorate.

After people visit their health practitioner for a treatment, they may be told to “get some rest”.  But the immediate benefits may be negated once they return to their bedroom.

Main causes within the bedroom

  • bedside lamps with poor wiring in the walls
  • WiFi left on at night
  • TV left on standby
  • baby monitors or cordless phones on bedside tables
  • SMART meters on the house walls immediately outside the bedroom
  • use of twisty CFL lightbulbs
  • ‘dirty’ electricity from wall plugs
  • SMART watches worn at night
  • wiring errors from neighbours’ houses

….and of course mobile phones!  

This is why I tell therapists “radiation in a bedroom can delay or even negate any chance of patient recovery”. 

Although patients seem to get better, will they ever get well?

Other contributors to radiation include:

• gaming devices when left ON to download automatic updates

• solar panels (slight but discernible)

• WiFi (always switch WiFI off at night) 

• remote controls

• hairdryers, electric shavers, toothbrushes and blankets.

• cordless phones

• SMART meters (anywhere)

 It would take a long list to identify all neurological and cellular health conditions that chip away at your overall well-being but here are the common ones:

     – Brain Cancer (mobile phone use over 30 mins a day by children)

     – Cancerous tumours (radiation in smoker’s lungs is now measuring higher than at Chernobyl)

    –  Headaches (especially after the installation of SMART meters)

If you have any doubts, 8,000+ independent studies confirm that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is seriously harming you.  

Those studies claiming EMR is ‘safe’ were carried out by the very companies causing it. They’ll arrange for ‘independent’ researchers to write anything as long as they continue to make sales.

It would be prudent for anyone moving into a new property to arrange for a home assessment to be carried out before they commit to buying.

This year the spring song birds are fewer in number, the cherry trees are dying, the pine trees are suffering and the bees are dwindling. 

This has to be a huge wake-up call. 

The “Safety Code” we’re told about is laughable with an unscientific measure of thermal heating being the guideline; the government is addressing this situation as governments do..…ineffectively.  

We must do all we can to bring about the necessary change to the telecoms industry. We will never undo advances but we must keep our children, grandchildren and their world in mind and not just our desire for convenience.

As we’re are currently based in Newquay, Cornwall I am offering to carry out home assessments for people in the county. You don’t want to be moving into a place that’s going to slowly make you ill.

If you live outside Cornwall (Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia) contact me and I will put you in touch with people who are experienced to do this with you.

Or if you’d like to gain a better understanding of the harm radiation can cause, let me know and I’ll tell y

Graeme Dinnen

GeoVital Area Consultant

Here’s a reminder of what can happen:  Anne’s story

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