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Everything in life is about balance, Yin and Yang, night and day, female and male, cold and hot. 

Starting from today would be a good time to start balancing out any nutritional debt you may have built up……because it’s slowly harming you.

If I sound like I’m nagging, I probably am.  Next time you take a mouthful of food, count the number of chews you have before swallowing.

Don’t skip over this bit as it’s important.

After you’ve done that, try to chew your food using twice that number with the next mouthful.

There is a purpose to chewing.  It releases enzymes that help break down the food you’re eating.  Some enzymes come from the food itself; the rest are produced within your saliva.  

Your food, if improperly masticated can’t provide the nutrients required for the cellular support and regeneration your body craves.

The foods we’re eating are so compromised in terms of being mushed and overcooked before they are eaten, that there’s little left to do for your teeth.   

And like any other part of the body, your teeth must be exercised in order to be properly preserved.  To feel invigorated and to keep blood circulation active, your teeth also need stimulating pressure from crunchy fruit (apples and hard cheeses), vegetables (carrots) and even mishwaks (toothbrush tree sticks).

Killer whales in captivity have broken teeth because they’re not chasing and killing their prey as Nature intended. Their meals are tossed into the air for them to gulp down in exchange for crowd-pleasing acrobatics.  

If you aren’t chewing sufficiently to draw the enzymes out of the food, think of it as borrowing tomorrow’s enzymes to digest today’s food.

That’s where the slow harm comes from.

Several years ago I listened to a radio talk with Gillian McKeith (affectionally known as the “Poo Doctor”). She said that during a lecture she was giving on digestion, an elderly gentleman interrupted by raising his hand and asking out loud “Would you like to see my tongue?”.

Not wanting to alienate her audience by refusing, she agreed.  The man showed his tongue and it was clean. 

She was surprised.

On asking him how he achieved this state of health he replied “I chew my food”.

Your turn now!

Graeme Dinnen

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