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What I write has value for everyone in business with a heartbeat.

So why am I here?

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill in 2020.

The lights have been going out across America as the economy took hit after hit. People lost their jobs, their businesses, their homes……and with it their dignity.  

Make no mistake, global economies are in for a bumpy ride over the next decade. 

Stephen Roach, former chief economist at Morgan Stanley, warns:”Already stressed by  the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. living standards are about to be squeezed as never before.”

If you’re busy at work right now it’s because funds, not spent during lockdown, have been released and welcomed into the retail market.

Some businesses believe the good times have returned. From them I get replies like “We have more business than we can handle thank you” and “I don’t need more customers”.

Hmmmm.  If they already have a plan in place that’s successful and they’re not in a position to take on more clients, that’s unusual but encouraging!

Having more business than they can handle or servicing too many clients is not the case with the majority of businesses today.

What business owners need to do is to address the future by acting immediately.  If they’re too busy to see it, we can work with them.

If you’d prefer creating ads and finding the right media for them yourself, know that the first global study of its kind in 2016 showed 745,000 people died from stroke and heart disease due to long hours.  

I’d like to help them better because they clearly can’t see what lies ahead.  Some call it the ‘elephant in the room’ is but I prefer plain speak. 

It’s inflation.  And you’ll see how inflation will impact on your customers’ spending power.

To offset that you need to attract more customers. The sooner you start the better.

If you harbour any lingering doubts ask yourself these questions:

• Do you have some months where revenue pours in but you can’t seem to maintain it?

• Do you start out each month wondering where the business will come from?•Do you secretly know your worth is more than you’re currently charging but you’re afraid if you raise your prices you fear customers won’t pay them?

• Are you burning yourself out in your business? 

• Does it frustrate you to see your competition making the kind of income you want even though you’re better than them at what you do?

• Do you feel confused or overwhelmed by the ever changing requirements of marketing and technology?

If any of these sound like you I have good news – none of them are the real problem.  Its because you haven’t made the ‘shifts’

Stop reading and decide where you want your business to be in 5 years time.  If you don’t want your business to be a memory, will your behaviour allow you to try new methods?

The lesson to learn is that doing what you’ve always done isn’t going to give you better results.

How Much Longer Can Your Business Tolerate Diminishing Results?

If businesses want to be more than just background noise they need a more reliable service than Facebook/YouTube ads or SEO….and they need it BIG TIME. 

Isn’t it horrible when a friend asks how your business is doing and you say it’s fine, knowing that sales have almost dried up?

Crystal balls are in short supply right now so I’m not writing this to make unsubstantiated claims that we can work wonders with you because as yet I need to learn more. 

Getting Out Of A Bad Situation 

I’ve certainly witnessed some crazy times.

When I first started in business, I barely kept things going through the troubled periods that confronted me – riots (Hong Kong), bitterly contested Presidential elections (Philippines), currency devaluations (Indonesia), military coups, hyperinflation, booms, busts, social insurrections and several global collapses (energy, banking and stock market crashes) to mention a few..

When first confronted I was inexperienced and did what I thought was right. It didn’t take long to realise that my naive actions were was only making things worse.  

Fortunately a mentor pulled me aside and taught me not to look at what was being presented by the media but to connect the dots and make sense of what was really taking place.  

What he conveyed to me was essentially “When things go wrong, don’t be one of the sheep.”

Since then I’ve been able to think smarter every time.

Right now we’re witnessing the most sweeping technological revolution in history and I for one am using it to my advantage rather than putting on a tin hat and hoping it will all end soon.

What’s The Cost Of Staying Stuck?

Difficult times invariably separate those who are open to new opportunities from those who blindly carry on as before hoping the result will be different.  It never is.

Wasn’t it Einstein who suggested that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity?

Enjoying A Life Without Barriers

Today’s problem is that everyone competes to rank on the first page of Google.

Many businesses are enjoying the temporary ‘good times’.  Chasing after unproductive digital media campaigns and spending tons of money on PPC ads and initiatives that barely offer a worthwhile return is no different from running a bath with the plug out. 

These people aren’t barking up the wrong tree – they’re not even in the right forest!

Ever wonder if you’ve been a sucker for buying internet marketing and online business programs that promise the world….but you’ve got nothing to show for it?  Then what you’re about to learn may be a shock to you.

Some stats for you: Google commands 92% of all searches; only 10% of searchers who visit the first page ever visit page 2.  76% of people who conduct an online search engage with that business within 24 hours. 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

I typed in ‘Dentist New York’ and saw there were millions of results.  How much is it costing….

• the dentists on page 1 to be (and remain) there? • those on page 2+ to be on a page that attracts only 10% of searchers?

It means that if you aren’t on page 1 of every platform that Google watches it won’t be long until it’s game over.

Here’s Why This Works So Well

I’ve always favoured simplicity.  When someone creates and places an ad on Facebook or YouTube it’s done with care and uploaded to each social media platform individually.

We don’t do it this way.  We create the blogs, news stories, videos, audio script etc and transfer them in one single upload to our high-visibility contacts, displayed below. 

This Changes Everything!

As you know content marketing is what brings in traffic every day and boosts your online rankings; it’s also what currently beats the pants off your competitors and provides the greatest Return On Investment. 

Why this works for you:

•  the campaigns we create have more credibility as they’re routed through high-visibility sites – Google News, Fox News, NBC, ABC etc. and are thus seen as trusted third party reviews rather than self-promotions.

•  by uploading campaigns in multiple formats to these authority sites we’re making your business omnipresent.

•  with properly created content marketing in place it won’t matter thereafter whether your products, services, events, education and other initiatives are searched for by way of a web browser (Google), audios (Podbean, Buzzscript), videos (YouTube, Instagram), slideshows (Slideshare and pdf), blogs (Twitter, Facebook) and articles in 350+ news and the other high-visibility sites mentioned above.

A potential customer searches for a business like yours….they see you listed on Google….they click on your ad….they’re excited and take out their credit card to buy.  Alternatively they don’t find your business, but they’re taken to your competitors website….and buy from them.

The effort saved in you creating individual ads for several different social media sites is significant and yours are still seen as self promotion.

Just Add Water!

Few people are aware of this option because no-one has told them about it. Until now it’s been a case of paying above the odds to be on Google’s page 1.  

Today competition has become different and so much easier for enterprising businesses to compete against larger corporations.

Oh and I should mention, we work only with small businesses because these day someone has to fight for the little guys.

If You Want It, Get It

What am I talking about?  We call it Hyper Local Ads. Those who’ve made a simple change to using this have seen their customers multiply, their website hits increase exponentially and their revenues explode. 

It’s simpler than you think and almost impossible for your revenue not to go UP.

….there’s the mortgage broker whose income stuck at $7m monthly sales volume; it increased to over $35m monthly sales volume with no other marketing efforts,

….and the real estate developer with 120 new homes to sell just as the pandemic started last year. At first they were concerned being unable to move inventory yet we helped them sell ALL homes in a 6 month campaign during lockdown.

….two clients increased their staff as a secondary effect of the campaign we carried out for them. They now have more business than they can handle.

….another client; her business is on Google page 1 for several keywords is receiving an additional 50,000 views a month, something she describes as “insane”. That’s 50,000 extra people seeing her business instead of her competitor’s business.  

These businesses made the necessary change rather than choosing to send more Facebook or YouTube traffic to a dud market.

I first heard this said in the 1970’s and it’s just as relevant today.  Businesses don’t get what they deserve; they get what they communicate.

The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking One

Many people fear loss. The businesses getting left behind are those that resist change because when offered a new opportunity, their focus is not on what they have to gain, but what they have to give up….all because of a familiar attachment to the things they’ve done before and the way in which they’ve done them. 

The days of putting up with mediocre are over.  It’s not what you put up with when you started your business.

Successful entrepreneurs are living proof that getting results is not about being risk averse or about taking uncalculated risks. Success lies somewhere between the two. 

Don’t justify why you should keep your business in its current position…and certainly don’t wait until the pain is what makes you change.  One of the hardest things you’ll ever do in life is grieve for the loss of the person you could have become.

All you need to do is draw up your own Declaration of Independence; give yourself permission to live again. 

98% of small businesses struggle to get to the next level because they’re only looking for business opportunities within their comfort zone…no resistance, no self doubt, no challenges.  

They should be in their true potential zone where they’re willing to deal with discomfort.  

That’s where the magic happens.

Given that a staggering 60% of the small businesses that closed during the pandemic will never reopen, are you open to exploring something that could make all the difference?

Not only that.  According to economists, the first year of the pandemic resulted in the permanent closure of roughly 200,000 businesses more than the annual average.

Yet to be convinced?  

Here’s what one client did.  He liked what we offered but didn’t want to change and went with his SEO people for a further 6 months. It was a decision he admitted taking because he was too busy to change.  

As I mentioned above he was concerned by what he stood to lose.

His revenue diminished and all he got back from the SEO team was reasons why their strategy hadn’t worked as well as before.

Not their fault of course!  The SEO company blamed it on ‘changes within Google’.

Don’t let bad experiences from the past influence your enthusiasm to get your business name out there. Using outdated methods that once had their day but are no longer as effective is going to cost you more than you think.

Some feedback….

A real estate business recently told me: “If I hadn’t decided to work with you when I did, my business would be screwed by now.”

From a dentist: “When you told me the biggest risk was not taking one, I realised I had to stop playing in the shallows where it was safe and venture deeper. Thank Heaven!”

A simile-loving therapist emailed: ‘My worries over inconsistent sales disappeared like a spoonful of talcum powder in a stiff breeze.”

Make Google Sit Up And Take Notice Of You

There is no other company that can offer you what we do.  We created software that no-can’t be replicated, and the software has just been upgraded to include the increasingly persuasive infographics.

If there was competition you’d have read about it long ago. Luckily 90% of your competition will never do this, giving you an opportunity to be way ahead of them.

What we do for you will make Google sit up and take notice of the increased number of hits to your website, phone calls, page views etc, we’ll create and manage campaigns without touching your own social media.

That’s when things really start to buzz; your business will be taken more seriously, your leads will treble and your marketing costs will be halved – all because Google gives massive exposure to the goods, products and services it sees being searched for.

Most advertising fails because it doesn’t speak about a specific problem your audience cares about. Our writing team is comprehensively trained in NLP, copywriting, psychology and principles of persuasion.

They know people aren’t really looking to buy a new bed so they write about getting a good night’s sleep!  Asking the emotional questions upon which people make buying decisions rather than the rational ones is what brings in HIGH CONVERTING TRAFFIC.

They’re like having the most advanced SatNav to pinpoint the right customers.

Create A Sense of Excitement

If the prospect of greater numbers, increased revenues and the wherewithal to not only survive but thrive through what may become anxious times let me know and we can explore the next step together.

This is not the time to listen to the critics who’ll tell you how they spent money with a social media company that failed to produce the results they promised.  

We know this which is why we’re recommending a far more practical option. 

This is not a time to get in your own way. Trust your gut instincts and show family and friends how you can take your business to the next level and deal with whatever the hard times may throw at you.

Simply reply to my email and I’ll send you more details such as how we start with our valuable Snapshot Report (an insight into your customer activity based on their location) and the cost options.

I know how pleasantly surprised you’ll be when you see them.

As for many others, you’ll find our approach full of epiphanies and aha! moments.

You’ve nothing to lose by doing this as moving forward to the next step comes with no cost and no obligation.

If you’re still considering your next move but are looking for reasons not to take the next step such as hidden costs (none) and long contract terms (none there either) you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Connecting Those Dots

If you believe that the bad times are over and that you’re now picking up the pieces and moving on, it’ll be worth your while looking further into this as you have choices to make as the right decision can make or break your future success.

And you’ll no longer be missing out on the thousands in commissions or sales because your business isn’t communicating the right message in the right media.

I want to be clear that today I’m not selling you anything, so lock your credit card away.

I merely want to help restore your confidence by inviting you to have an informed perspective on the future and give you the hope you deserve.

It’s your new secret weapon and it’s there for you to take full advantage of.  For me the choice is obvious but I’ve seen the other side, where:

• you’ll no longer wonder where your customers are hiding • you’ll be charging what you’re worth • you’ll bring in consistently profitable revenue • you won’t squander money on ineffective ads ever again • competitors no longer siphon off your potential customers, clients or patients

If you’ve been burned before and wonder if what I write is true, the short answer is that it wouldn’t make sense for us to offer a 30 day guarantee.  

Did your current SEO guys offered you this before you signed their 6 month contract?

I appreciate that you don’t know me personally and might be sceptical. That’s perfectly normal. To help you with that here’s my LinkedIn profile:

Now is the time to reach into yourself.  Instead of migrating with the herd, you can proudly tell your family & friends what you’ve done to save your business. 

If it means anything to you my personal mission is to empower as many deserving small businesses as possible using Hyper Local Ads and our Snapshot Report to increase their online presence and thus their customer base and revenue without paying above the odds.

Mark Twain once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Graeme Dinnen @ XiriMiriMedia –

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