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Tuesday 1 February 2022 – 31 January 2023

The Year of the Black Water Tiger – What’s In Store For You?  

Year Of The Black Water Tiger

In Chinese culture ‘Tigers’ are considered to be brave, cruel and terrifying.  They represent the symbol of power and by itself, the tiger carries a strong Yin (feminine) energy.

In ancient times, people compared Emperors or Kings with tigers.

I’m always fascinated by reading about the positive and negative destinies of my year ahead. 

To find out what may be in store for you, here are two Personal Chinese Horoscope sites to consider.

When opening the Chinese Astrology site below, an animal within a red circle will appear.  Use the dropdown arrow to change it to your own animal year.   

Chinese Astrology (make sure to click on 2022)

Chinese Fortune Calendar

If you’re not sure of your animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac, look for your birth year below and once found look to see the corresponding animal on the left hand side. For example 1963 would be a Rabbit.  You then look for the fortunes of a Rabbit in a Tiger year.

Look For Your Animal Zodiac Year

Gong Hei Fat Choy 

This doesn’t translate directly as “Happy New Year”; this is more a traditional wish that you become happy and prosperous in the year ahead.

Graeme Dinnen

(born) Year of the Rabbit


  • Devashish Chakraborty says:

    Sir, I have read that people born in the Rabbit experience the both extremes of life viz. popularity/ obscurity etc. Thanks a lot,

    • Graeme Dinnen says:

      The Tiger is an interesting one for me (rabbit) in many areas of life. Both good and bad. Will let you know if I survive it!

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